To Advertise, you can either...
Supply Artwork

Artwork can be supplied Flat Copy, Digitally on Floppy Disk, or CD, DVD, Memory Stick or emailed. Please check with our Pre Press BEFORE presenting artwork to avoid unnecessary problems due to incompatibility etc. Photos for adverts may be supplied as prints or transparencies (positive only) or digital photos (always set your camera to the highest setting, if not, photos will NOT look as good.) High Resolution CMYK Scans suitable for litho printing can also be used either from Floppy Disk, CD, DVD, Memory Stick or email. Photos to be published with articles are subject to the aforementioned. Size and position cannot always be guaranteed.
Supply Copy

We can accept copy in the following formats, hand written, typed, text supplied on floppy disk (MS Word file etc.), CD Rom, DVD, emailed as an attachment, Memory Stick.

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