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INBRED – Blood Soaked Deranged NightmareBlood, guts, freaks, comedy and a ferret. What more could you ask of a film? InBred is back in town. The long awaited, and most talked about local film, by Alex Chandon, is due for release later this year but to kick things off cast, crew and press were invited to a private preview on Saturday night at the only venue suitable for the film – The Ritz.But the fun didn’t start there. From early evening cast and crew gathered in The Frankland Arms to chat, discuss and get together, two years to the week that the film was originally shot in and around Thirsk.By invitation only, members of the cast arrived for a pre-cinema drink and it was my chance to meet with the locals who helped Alex create the film. A film based on a fictional local town, renowned for keeping itself to itself.The night progressed and everyone was enjoying a drink but that did not delay them walking to the cinema ready to see the final film on the big screen. Armed with tickets the crowds grew until it was almost time.Alex stood before the film began to give a brief introduction of his work to the awaiting audience, most of whom were either in the film, helped with the film or were family and friends of the former two…except perhaps for myself and the editor of the Thirsk Weekly News. Alex did stress that the film was not a documentary so as not to offend. There was a big cheer as the film started rolling and views from Sutton Bank appeared on the screen. As for the film I am not going to give anything away, except I enjoyed it, even with an intense fear of horror films. As the film ended and the credits rolled Mr Chandon once again stood to take questions from the audience and get their opinion of what they had just seen. My favourite question of the night had to be “Do you really hate Thirsk?” to which Alex replied: “I wouldn’t have filmed here if I did”.The private screening would not have been possible without the help of The Ritz and its volunteers, who were proud to hire out the venue for a late night showing. Volunteers for the evening, who gave up their time to show the film were Graham Denison, Andrew Gibson and Marc and Bev Davies.In its 100th year The Ritz is keen to keep going and is the seventh oldest cinema still open in the UK. After showing the film to a private audience it is keen to show the film when it is released at a later date this year. Hopefully, including some more late night showings.So, if you like gory things and are interested in seeing your local area on the big screen then keep your eye out for the posters. It is well worth a watch and you never know, you may see a friend, neighbour or relative. Photograph by Thirsk photographer, David Mason


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