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Here at The Thirsk Weekly News we are going to put back issues online for our readers to view, research and perhaps to catch up on news and events they may have missed or to find an advert they have seen. Before you all rush out to cancel your paper copies, the online version of the “TWN” will be a week behind the current printed one, so let’s not disappoint our retailers but keep supporting them, which is even more important now.The online “TWN” will have the same appearance as the printed version; the same format, same stories, photos and adverts but it will be more interactive. Stories can be blown large for readers to see more clearly or they can even be listened to (yes, that’s right, all reports can be listened to, albeit in a rather tinny transatlantic drawl). There will be a search mode for text, helping you find what you need. In fact all back issues will be fully searchable. Photos can be enlarged or even dynamic. For instance a photo can be selected and instead of enlarging it a video could play instead. This is where we need your help. As well as supplying digital photos you can now supply a sample of digital video to accompany your news and reports which can then be viewed on the online version. But do please keep sending the digital still photos. Video can be taken using the following: most new mobile phones have a video record feature (footage to be taken from camera to a PC and emailed through), or Camcorder. Again footage can be transferred to a PC and emailed or put on a CD or memory stick. If you can’t do this you could always bring in your mobile phone/Camcorder and we could transfer it for you. Take as little or as much as is sufficient to give your fellow readers a taste of the event you are covering. All advertisers’ links are dynamic, with email addresses and web addresses live. This means that when an email address is clicked onto it will bring up your email programme enabling you to contact that advertiser. When a web address is selected it will bring up the advertiser’s website in another window enabling you to easily select their wares and services. All this is provided to the advertiser at no extra cost and will be part of your advertising package here at The Thirsk Weekly News. In conjunction with our regular advertiser links as part of the “TWN” website you now have the perfect print/online partnership which promotes your business beyond most people’s expectations. All this is part of our unique advertising package, but if you wish to have an advert tailored specifically to your needs you could have a Flash based ad (Dynamic motion advert) for that week’s paper for an additional small fee. To access this new feature (we will announce in the “TWN” when it goes live) you need first to register with your name, address etc (please be assured your details will remain confidential). After your registration you will be able to log in as and when you like. Please use this new feature of the “TWN” which we hope you will use and enjoy.


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